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Save Time & Communicate Better!

Okay! This tool simply revolutionized the way I do business…and I am not kidding! If you want to dramatically reduce your phone and email time while communicating more effectively, then this FREE tool is definitely for you.


What Can Vimeo Do For Your Brand, Business And Wallet?

A Lot! Vimeo, can be your one-stop video helper and a money-making tool for you. Want to learn more about using Video along with Vimeo to promote yourself and have questions like: How can I use Video to increase my online presence? I have my promo video…now what? This tutorial shares valuable tips and tricks you won’t want to miss from Video Expert, Danielle Turner. 

Video SEO

Why is Video Instrumental for SEO?

Why has video become such a vital tool for companies looking to increase their site’s relevance and credibility?  Want to learn more about Video SEO and have questions like: What the heck is it? Why is it so important to my small business? and How can I use Video SEO to increase my web traffic? This tutorial shares valuable tips and tricks from Video Expert, Danielle Turner. Bonus! Learn what you can easily do today to better your Google Ranking.


Bold Rules of Engagement for Kick-Butt Results

Clear rules of engagement mean less surprises for you and your client. After all, you did not start your own business to lead it the way every body else does did you? Learn what makes a fail proof service agreement to increase your sales. PLUS! One tip that will save you loads of time and increase your proposal-to-project conversion rate.