Business Building

busi·ness build·ing [v]: I don't know any business owner who is not interested in growing their business to the next level (whatever that next level may be)! In this section, we share business building tips, tools, ideas and methodologies to help you do just that.


6 Pivotal Shifts to Becoming Instantly More Billable

One thing is for sure, we are all busy busy busy on a daily basis. To the point that sometimes we get lost in it. We all know that being busy doesn’t always mean being profitable, unless of course, you are concentrating most of your effort on moneymaking activities. Learn about the One Simple Mission and the 6 Pivotal Shifts that helped us instantly grow by 85% without hiring more employees or raising our rates.


Free Sample #5 | 8 Secrets To Getting Paid!

Cash flow is crucial for any business, but especially important for small business owners and freelancers. To build a healthy cash flow…you first have to get paid! Learn 8 Secrets to not only getting paid…but getting paid quickly!


Create A Winning Proposal

Listen up! If you offer a service, you have to share your fees with your clients or prospects at one point or another. Most people call it a “quote”. I prefer to call it a “proposal” as it needs to highlight a lot more than just your fees for people to understand the value of your service and the expertise you bring to the table. In this video, I reveal what makes a winning service proposal.


5 Biggest Networking Mistakes

Want to better your networking results by 250%? This tutorial is for you. Learn the 5 Biggest Networking Mistakes small business owners make on a daily basis and most importantly, learn 5 simple habits to increase your Networking ROI. (more…)


Bold Rules of Engagement for Kick-Butt Results

Clear rules of engagement mean less surprises for you and your client. After all, you did not start your own business to lead it the way every body else does did you? Learn what makes a fail proof service agreement to increase your sales. PLUS! One tip that will save you loads of time and increase your proposal-to-project conversion rate.


The art of enrolling new clients


Want to learn how to “close the deal” with prospective clients? I have had the opportunity to be mentored by many world-class sales and conversion experts in the past 15 years and have learned A LOT about mindset, the art of enrollment and overcoming objections. I want to share with you a training video recorded for a client in preparation for their 3 day LIVE event.


Video Training

Rock Your Business & Brand Into Shape!

Discover The ONE Ingredient You Need To Double Your Revenue Without Doubling Your Workload. Learn the 7 warning signs that your small business is not setup to thrive (no matter how hard you work at it) and how to fix it. This video training will help you transform your business into a well-oiled machine to allow you to generate more money and freedom.



Free Sample #4 | How To Get More Ideal Clients!

Are you wanting to get more IDEAL clients, but don’t quite know how to go about it? Do you have a lot of unideal, high maintenance clients? Are you clear as to who your ideal client is? Whether you are or not, learn the single most important thing you need to do to instantly get more ideal clients!


Interactive Conferencing At Its Best!

Are you looking for a conference tool that allows you to interact with your listeners/members the way you would if you were with them in a room? Well tada! This tool allows you to recreate the dynamics of a live workshop through teleconference. Create breakout groups, jump from room to room, even “pass the mic” to people who “raise their hands”.


Free Sample #7 | If You Don’t Measure It; You Can’t Manage It

To thrive and increase business performance, you simply cannot drive your business blindly. You must increase your overall level of awareness of what’s working well and what areas need improvement; and numbers truly tell it like it is. Learn how the “right numbers” can provide invaluable insight to help you focus your energy on what drives results to increase your efficiency and bottom line.