tem·plates [n]: Why re-invent the wheel or start from scratch when you can inspire yourself and leverage some of the tools and templates that have helped us and our clients for years. From interview questions and a huddle agenda to a visual graph that helps you determine what's "urgent and important", this section is all about accessing and leveraging templates that can give you a major boost in the right direction.


Character Scale | How Is Your Brand Perceived?

Want to find out how your brand is being received and perceived by your ideal client? Well this tool is for you. Perception is reality in branding, in fact, perception is reality…period. Listen to this short video tutorial and start polling your clients and prospects to find out more.


Create A Winning Proposal

Listen up! If you offer a service, you have to share your fees with your clients or prospects at one point or another. Most people call it a “quote”. I prefer to call it a “proposal” as it needs to highlight a lot more than just your fees for people to understand the value of your service and the expertise you bring to the table. In this video, I reveal what makes a winning service proposal.


Top 3 Productivity Killers – And How To Bust Them

We live in a world of information overload, time-saving and time-wasting technologies, how to do 3 days of work in 1, and let’s not forget “I need all of that and a bag of chips…for yesterday” because what once took 4 months to accomplish can now be done in 60 minutes! In this podcast, learn what you can do to raise the bar on yourself to truly up the game on your efficiency and self management.


Effective Website Architecture

Want to keep your website simple and effective? Here is a great way to get started. Find out what information is important to share with your clients and prospects and most importantly, in what order, to ensure that your website is effective in leading your prospects to choose you over your competitors.


Free Sample #3 | My Week Planner

Want to make the most out of your week? Well, this simple, back to basics tool is for you. All you have to do is take a few minutes with this “Week Planner Template” at the beginning of each week. Determine your “non-negotiables”, and prioritize your To Dos and bingo, you just bought yourself some time, efficiency and productivity.


Bold Rules of Engagement for Kick-Butt Results

Clear rules of engagement mean less surprises for you and your client. After all, you did not start your own business to lead it the way every body else does did you? Learn what makes a fail proof service agreement to increase your sales. PLUS! One tip that will save you loads of time and increase your proposal-to-project conversion rate.



Project Production Board | Stay On Top Of It!

As small business owners, we juggle a lot on a daily basis and wear many hats. Ever feel like things are slipping through the cracks? Like you are losing control? This simple Production Board Tool will help you get an “at a glance” picture of what’s on your plate, where things are at, and what needs attention so that you can better serve your clients…and sleep at night.



How To Seal A JV Deal.

Creating valuable joint ventures and strategic alliances are key to your GROWTH. After all, being the “best kept secret” is not why you started your own business right? Learn how to create WIN/WIN Strategic Alliances and JV’s to expand your client reach and increase brand awareness. BONUS! Download a proposal email sample that will save you time and get you started faster!



Getting Started With Team Huddles

Good effective huddles can truly get your tribe fired up to perform and ensure that everyone is on the same page…allowing you, the owner, to sleep at night! Want to start implementing huddles but don’t know how? Here is our recommended Huddle Agenda to help you get started.


Is Everything On Your Plate Urgent & Important?

If you said YES to this question…then you are in boiling water. Being able to differentiate between what’s Urgent and what’s Important is key. Not all important tasks are urgent and not all urgent tasks are important. Here is a quick video to help you decipher and determine your priorities.