Social Media

so·cial me·dia [n]: Social media is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to connect with your clients, prospects, suppliers and even competitors. It is taking branding to a whole new level. People love to talk about their experiences...good or bad...well especially bad and social media is now giving a much wider platform for people to brag or bitch about your products or services. Learn simple ways to leverage this incredible platform to your advantage in no time flat!

Video SEO

Why is Video Instrumental for SEO?

Why has video become such a vital tool for companies looking to increase their site’s relevance and credibility?  Want to learn more about Video SEO and have questions like: What the heck is it? Why is it so important to my small business? and How can I use Video SEO to increase my web traffic? This tutorial shares valuable tips and tricks from Video Expert, Danielle Turner. Bonus! Learn what you can easily do today to better your Google Ranking.


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Want to connect with other small business owners? Want to exchange tips, tools and strategies that can save you time and make you money? Join the MyLeapTools Facebook Group! A great way to leverage your membership, connect with amazing folks from all over the world and learn with and from everyone! (more…)


1 Hour With Social Media Guru: Jess Sloss

MEMBER BONUS! Want to get a good grip on Social Media? Want to learn from great questions asked by our Spark MasterMind-Style Group Coaching members? Now is your chance. This is one value-packed hour that you won’t want to miss!


New To Social Media?

If you are new to social media and don’t know where to start, or if you are wondering what the point is to all these social media “shenanigans” or “time wasters” as some people call it…then this screencast is for you. I reveal one of the most important social media actions to take and 3 key things to keep a pulse on. And the best part is this can be done daily in 5 minutes or less!