per·for·mance [n]: At LeapZone, we thrive on performance. In fact, we think great performance leads to profitability. In this section, we share simple but powerful tools, concepts and strategies to help you and your tribe better perform your way to increased productivity and profitability.


2 More Productivity Killers – And How To Bust Them

In a previous podcast, I talked about the Top 3 Productivity Killers and how to bust them. As a momentum generator, allow me to now introduce you to Killer #4 and #5; along with practical solutions to bust them once and for all to increase your efficiency and overall level of satisfaction. In this podcast, learn about 2 more practical solutions to help you raise the bar on yourself to increase your self management skills.


Stop The Crisis Pipeline!

Ever feel like you are breathing through a straw in a sea of TO DOs? That no matter how many hours you work your list keeps growing? Well, relief is here my friends! It’s called STOP! You and only you have control over your crisis. In this podcast, you will learn 4 simple proven strategies to help you lighten the load and gain more efficiency and momentum.


Top 3 Productivity Killers – And How To Bust Them

We live in a world of information overload, time-saving and time-wasting technologies, how to do 3 days of work in 1, and let’s not forget “I need all of that and a bag of chips…for yesterday” because what once took 4 months to accomplish can now be done in 60 minutes! In this podcast, learn what you can do to raise the bar on yourself to truly up the game on your efficiency and self management.

The art of enrolling new clients


Want to learn how to “close the deal” with prospective clients? I have had the opportunity to be mentored by many world-class sales and conversion experts in the past 15 years and have learned A LOT about mindset, the art of enrollment and overcoming objections. I want to share with you a training video recorded for a client in preparation for their 3 day LIVE event.



Priority vs. Enthusiasm

Do you have too many “Must-Do To Dos”? Do you often have a million great ideas and don’t quite know how to manage them all? Well, this one’s for you! Learn the key principle that will help you decrease your To Do List by decreasing your “creativeness”.


Getting Started With Team Huddles

Good effective huddles can truly get your tribe fired up to perform and ensure that everyone is on the same page…allowing you, the owner, to sleep at night! Want to start implementing huddles but don’t know how? Here is our recommended Huddle Agenda to help you get started.


Using eMail Templates To Save Time!

Have you ever spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME crafting an email? I know what that feels like…and that’s precisely why I have 136 email templates that I use regularly. Why re-write the same thing over and over again when you don’t have to? I thought I would share with you how I use email templates to save hours every day AND create brand consistency in the process!



How To Tame Your eMail Inbox

A BIG problem we all have as small business owners nowadays is: HOW TO KEEP OUR EMAIL INBOX FROM EATING US ALIVE!!! It’s a daily battle to stay on top of all the demand, and most of us feel behind every single day! I thought I would share with you how I keep my email inbox nice and tidy. This simple strategy will help you regain control of your inbox (and your life) and increase your productivity.


Video Training

Rock Your Business & Brand Into Shape!

Discover The ONE Ingredient You Need To Double Your Revenue Without Doubling Your Workload. Learn the 7 warning signs that your small business is not setup to thrive (no matter how hard you work at it) and how to fix it. This video training will help you transform your business into a well-oiled machine to allow you to generate more money and freedom.



Making Tiny Decisions

Why are making tiny decisions so important you might ask? Well, because it has everything to do with you successfully moving your business to the next level…that’s why! In this recording, learn why it’s so important to make tiny decisions and the one key concept that will revolutionize how you do everything from this day forward!