Isabelle's Favourites

is·a·belle’s fa·vour·ites [n]: Well, once in a while, I come across ideas, concepts and tools that really jazz me! And if you know me, you know that I am a tough puppy to impress or, you can make sure that this section is reserved for my ultimate favourites! Think of it as a shortcut to goodness!


Save Time & Communicate Better!

Okay! This tool simply revolutionized the way I do business…and I am not kidding! If you want to dramatically reduce your phone and email time while communicating more effectively, then this FREE tool is definitely for you.


Easily Create Stunning Videos

Learn how to easily and automatically turn your favourite photo or video memories into beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video slideshows. Also perfect for showcasing your portfolio!


SIX Must-Know Resources

Many books and resources have inspired and helped me raise the bar, while keeping it simple, over the years. I’ve decided to share 6 of my all time favourites with you in this screencast. If you are wanting to take your business to the next level while working less, then these resources are for you. Enjoy!


Best Hosting Service

Looking for a kick-ass hosting company? Well look no further. In this screencast I reveal a hosting company that has unbeatable prices, one click WordPress install, 24/7 tech support, and guarantees 99% up time!


Interactive Conferencing At Its Best!

Are you looking for a conference tool that allows you to interact with your listeners/members the way you would if you were with them in a room? Well tada! This tool allows you to recreate the dynamics of a live workshop through teleconference. Create breakout groups, jump from room to room, even “pass the mic” to people who “raise their hands”.


Best Stock Photography Site

There are tons of stock photography sites on the web…but there is one that I consider to be one of the best out there, and I personally use it on a daily basis. User-friendly, super powerful search capabilities, amazing royalty free photography and best of all, the price is more than right!