Human Resources

hu·man re·sources [n]: As you know, having employees is a whole "Oprah Show" in itself! We know how challenging it can be to build an accountable and performing culture within a team, which is why we want to share with you the ideas, templates and concepts that we find help you and your tribe perform at a higher level.


Want A Company Culture That Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of?

As a brand builder, I get this question all the time…“How can I create a kick-butt company culture?”. In this video, I reveal what it takes to do just that!


You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

One bad apple and the entire bag is affected. The same goes for your team or as I like to call it – your tribe. And when I say your “tribe” I also include your suppliers and subcontractors. All it takes is one non-performing tribe member, and one way or another, your entire organization is at risk, your patience starts to run thin, and you’re becoming a time bomb waiting to explode. Sound familiar? In this podcast, learn what you can do to strengthen and leverage your support system.


Employee | Employer Evaluation Template

As you know, it’s mandatory to evaluate your employees (or your Tribe Members as we like to call them) on a regular basis. Having said that, it is also really important to give them the opportunity to give you, the leader, feedback as well. Here is a simple and effective template for you to use along with a short tutorial that shows you how we use this process for best results.