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Free Sample #5 | 8 Secrets To Getting Paid!

Cash flow is crucial for any business, but especially important for small business owners and freelancers. To build a healthy cash flow…you first have to get paid! Learn 8 Secrets to not only getting paid…but getting paid quickly!


Free Sample #3 | My Week Planner

Want to make the most out of your week? Well, this simple, back to basics tool is for you. All you have to do is take a few minutes with this “Week Planner Template” at the beginning of each week. Determine your “non-negotiables”, and prioritize your To Dos and bingo, you just bought yourself some time, efficiency and productivity.


Free Sample #1 | No-thing Works

Find out how this simple and powerful principle has the potential of changing your life and your business forever.


Free Sample #2 | Action Sheets

The biggest problem that I see in working with small business owners is that the To Dos on their To Do Lists are not really To Dos…they are more like massive projects that require more planning and time than a To Do task normally would. If you want to gain momentum, get more done and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks this quarter, you have to learn to bite-size and compartmentalize your actions. Find out how to bite-size effectively in this video.


Free Sample #4 | How To Get More Ideal Clients!

Are you wanting to get more IDEAL clients, but don’t quite know how to go about it? Do you have a lot of unideal, high maintenance clients? Are you clear as to who your ideal client is? Whether you are or not, learn the single most important thing you need to do to instantly get more ideal clients!


Free Sample #6 | Get More Done In Less Time

Not enough hours in a day to get things done? Think again! Adding more hours to your day is like getting a bigger purse…the bigger the purse, the more shit you put in it! What is actually needed is more focus and discipline. Learn about one of the most powerful and proven strategies to help you get more done in less time.


Free Sample #7 | If You Don’t Measure It; You Can’t Manage It

To thrive and increase business performance, you simply cannot drive your business blindly. You must increase your overall level of awareness of what’s working well and what areas need improvement; and numbers truly tell it like it is. Learn how the “right numbers” can provide invaluable insight to help you focus your energy on what drives results to increase your efficiency and bottom line.