All About Video

all about vid·eo [n]: Did you know that people retain content 58% more from a video than from any other medium? Video used to be a it's a necessity! Whether you are a rookie, a geek wannabe, or a full-fledged super geek; Danielle from Velvet Pumpkin Productions has plenty to share with you when it comes to everything there is to know about video!


What Can Vimeo Do For Your Brand, Business And Wallet?

A Lot! Vimeo, can be your one-stop video helper and a money-making tool for you. Want to learn more about using Video along with Vimeo to promote yourself and have questions like: How can I use Video to increase my online presence? I have my promo video…now what? This tutorial shares valuable tips and tricks you won’t want to miss from Video Expert, Danielle Turner. 

Video SEO

Why is Video Instrumental for SEO?

Why has video become such a vital tool for companies looking to increase their site’s relevance and credibility?  Want to learn more about Video SEO and have questions like: What the heck is it? Why is it so important to my small business? and How can I use Video SEO to increase my web traffic? This tutorial shares valuable tips and tricks from Video Expert, Danielle Turner. Bonus! Learn what you can easily do today to better your Google Ranking.


Shooting Your Video Blog

Want a video blog do ya? Want to learn how to do it yourself and have questions like: What camera should I buy? What camera settings should I use? How do I best frame my subject? Well, this tutorial is for you. Learn valuable tips and tricks from Video Expert, Danielle Turner. And most of all, learn what mistakes to avoid to ensure that your “home-made” videos look great!


YouTube Insights for Success

There is a lot more to YouTube than simply broadcasting your videos. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how you can find and leverage valuable video stats – from where your viewers come from to what their viewing habits are. Golden information to help you get the most out of your online presence.


Want to download videos for FREE?

If you want an easy way to download and convert web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites…then this tutorial is definitely for you. In less than 5 minutes, you will learn about the one plug-in that will save you time and money…oh…and…did I mention that it also works for audio and picture galleries?. Check it out!



Introducing the MyLeapTools™ Video Expert: Danielle Turner

Hello Leapers! My name is Danielle Turner from Velvet Pumpkin Productions and I am thrilled and honored to join the MyLeapTools team! My passion and expertise is Video Production – well, my expertise is actually pretty much everything about video. Period.